Hey there! I'm Ayush 👋

Cloud & Data Security, DevSecOps, Security Automation 💻


Here are a few of the projects that I’ve worked on -

IMDShift (Personal Project)

AWS workloads that rely on the metadata endpoint are vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks. IMDShift automates the migration process of all workloads to IMDSv2 with extensive capabilities, which implements enhanced security measures to protect against these attacks.

Grievance Redressal Portal (Government Project)

This is an ongoing project, for which I served as the Team Lead and Backend Developer. This project was also built in collaboration with the Office of District Collector of Vellore. It is a mobile application supposed to serve as the unified platform for people to file petitions for government schemes they are eligible for in a single place rather than going to a place to do the same, in person. It had an official web application where the Government Officials can process the petition filed. Lastly, there’s an analytics mobile application where the District Collector can view various statistics about the petitions filed via the User Application. This entire platform is intended to replace the existing government application that exists right now.

Election Monitoring App (Government Project)

This project was built in collaboration with the Police Department of Vellore District. I served as the Team Lead and Backend Developer for this project. The app was a one-point monitoring tool for Senior Police Officers to monitor all vehicles patrolling the election locations, transporting voting machines in realtime.

PIP - GUI (Personal Project)

PIP-GUI was built with PyQt, the python binding for the Qt Framework, to develop an umbrella GUI interface for python’s package manager pip. The application supports management for modules belonging to both python 2.x and python 3.x and once installed, it can also be configured to launch from the terminal.

Python Reverse Shell (Personal Project)

This project consisted of two different scripts that acted as a medium of communication between two machines of which one acts as the server and the other as the client. The client script sends back a connection request to the server allowing full shell control over the client/target system.

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